PTU Tutorial - Zombie Rocker

For this tutorial i am using the amazing artwork by @Danny Lee
Which you can purchase from

~Supplies Needed~
Tube of choice
Scrapkit used was Zombie Rocker made by Bibi Van G which can be purchased from here
If you do not have this scrapkit please feel free to use another one with similar elements
Mask - Vix_BigMask001 which can be downloaded from here
Wire mesh which you can get from most scrapkits

~Filters Used~
Dsb Flux - Bright Noise
Eye Candy 4 - Gradient Glow - Jeans
Cybia - Screenworks

~Font used~
Zombie Girlfriend

Let's Get Started

Open a 850 - 750 canvas - fill with white - copy & paste the round frame as a new layer - resize & position to the left - with your magic wand select the middle of the frame - selections - modify - expand by 4 - add a new raster layer - move below the frame layer - fill with black - copy & paste your tube as a new layer - position - selections - invert - hit delete - selections - none - duplicate - change the blend mode on the original to luminance (L) - on the duplicate go to adjust - blur - gaussian blur - 3.00 - change the blend mode to screen - effects - plugins - Cybia - Screen Works - Dot Screen - default settings

Hide your background layer - merge together all layers - unhide background layer - duplicate - image - position so that they are side by side - merge visible

Copy & paste the sparkly star as a new layer - add a small drop shadow

Copy & paste the record as a new layer - move behind your frame layers - effects - plugins - - Jeans - defualt settings - add a drop shadow

Copy & paste your wire mesh as a new layer - position to the left - add a drop shadow - duplicate - image mirror

Add a new raster layer - move to the bottom of all layers - fill with a gradient of choice - layers - new mask from image - apply Vix's mask - merge group

Copy & paste your tube as a new layer - position - add a drop shadow

Copy & paste any elements from your scrapkit as new layers - position around your tag - i applied a gradient glow to mine but that's up to you - add drop shadows

With your font add your name - position - effects - plugins - DsbFlux - Bright Noise - 50% - effects - plugins - Eye Candy 4 - Gradient Glow - glow width 3.00

Add a drop shadow

Don't forget to add the artists correct copyrite - crop & save tag and you are done!