PTU Tutorial - Lovely Angel

For this tutorial i am using the amazing artwork by @Di_Halim

~Supplies Needed~
Tube of choice
Scrapkit used was Lovely Angel made by Bibi which can be purchased from here
If you do not have this scrapkit please feel free to use another one with similar elements
Halftone-mask 8 made by Dee which can be downloaded from here

~Filters Used~
Eye Candy 4 - Gradient Glow

~Font used~
Simply Glamorous

Let's Get Started

Open a 850 x 750 canvas - fill with white

Copy & paste the gate as a new layer - position in the center of your canvas - add a drop shadow - copy & paste the flowered arch as a new layer - position over the top of the gate - add a drop shadow

Copy & paste the curtain as a new layer - move this layer below the gate layer - with your selection tool set to rectangle - draw around one of the curtains & hit delete - selections - none - position - add a drop shadow - duplicate - image - mirror - merge together so that it looks like 1 curtain

Copy & paste your main tube as a new layer - position - selections - all - float - defloat - selections - modify - expand by 2 - add a new raster layer & move it below your tube layer - fill with white - adjust - add/remove noise

Add a drop shadow

Copy & paste the frame as a new layer - image - free rotate - rotate 90 left - position to the right of you tube & move this layer below all the other layers - with your magic wand select the middle of the frame - selections - modify - expand by 4 - add a new raster layer below the frame layer & fill with a gradient (Two colours from your tube, choose gradient, repeats 3, angle 45) - copy & paste your tube as a new layer - position in the frame - selections - invert - hit delete - selections - none 

Duplicate your tube - change the blend mode of the original to luminance (L) - on the duplicate go to adjust - blur - gaussian blur - 3.00 - change the blend mode to soft light (Depending on your tube you might have to play around with the blend modes to suit yours)

On the frame layer - selections - all - float - defloat - selections modify - expand by 2 - add a new raster layer & move it below the frame layer - fill with white - selections - none - apply the same noise settings as earlier - add a drop shadow

Copy & paste the frame again but position to the left side - repeat the above steps - hide all layers apart from - your frame layers, noise layers, tube layers, gradient layers - merge visible - unhide layers - merge together - hide your tube for now - you will see that your merged layers over lap and show through the gate & curtains - with your selection tool set on rectangle - draw down the middle of the gate - on the merged layers - hit delete - selections - none - unhide your tube layer

Copy & paste the diamond swirls as a new layer - position to the right - move below all your layers - add a drop shadow - duplicate - image - mirror - image - flip

Copy & paste any elements from the scrapkit as new layers - position them around your tag - i used flowers, bubbles, sparkles, glitter, harp & wings - add drop shadows

Add a new raster layer & move it below all your layers - fill with a colour from your tube - layers - new mask from image - apply the mask - merge group

With your font add you name - position - apply the same noise settings as earlier - effects - plugins - eye candy 4 - gradient glow - glow width set to 3.00 - on the colour tab select fat - add a drop shadow

Don't forget to add the artists correct copyrite - crop around your tag - delete the white background layer and you are done!